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Safe City

Secure your business with our complete CCTV solution

CCTV Brunei Rayyan Secutech

We offer advanced camera security & surveillance solutions for an entire spectrum of industries to deliver specific results for effective and efficient security coverage. We can install CCTV systems which can be monitored in several ways including remotely through the control centre by your staff, or even through your mobile phone.

Our cameras not only provide the level of image detail you need but are also built with the intelligence to help you make sense of what you are seeing. We provide you with a wide range of products and solutions that can be allocated depending on the scenarios, and your needs which allowed you to maintain a secure watch on all your facilities, 24/7. We will ensure it is installed at strategic positions to also provide a clear and visible deterrent to intruders.

Optimized for powerful surveillance and more

Our solution is designed and validated to perfectly match your requirements. Tight integration of network cameras, audio, intercoms, and analytics ensures you will get the most out of your surveillance system.

We use latest technology

The new generation of full-colour technology is now equipped with a dual-sensor structure and software optimization. This allows it to output high-quality colour images even when the white light is off, greatly reducing light pollution.

Easy to Use IP System

IP surveillance is a digital solution that allows users to remotely monitor and record videos using an Internet Protocol networking system. The use of an IP network instead of a complicated cable setup allows for a faster, more efficient way to monitor video footage.

Eliminate blind spot

The IP camera's corridor mode enables the camera to be rotated, allowing you to see the entire length of long vertical areas such as walkways, staircases, and hallways. The NVR will show full upright footage without any blind spots.

4x more storage space

Using the latest Ultra 265 video compression technology can record four times more footage with the same amount of HDD space. This is an enhanced version of the common H.265 that can compress video up to four times smaller without reducing quality.

Complete Range of Products with end-to-end solutions for surveillance

Our end-to-end security solutions provide clear, high-definition video coverage across large sites while enhancing perimeter protection and simplifying monitoring.