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Revolutionizing Libraries with Open Source and Digital Transformation:
In the age of information, libraries are not just about books; they’re about making knowledge accessible. Our open source library systems paired with comprehensive digitization services are at the forefront of this transformation. We offer robust, adaptable solutions that not only streamline library operations but also unlock the vast potential of digital collections.

Embracing Open Source:
Our open source library management platforms are designed for flexibility and community-driven improvement. They allow for efficient management of cataloging, patron services, and circulation processes, ensuring libraries can provide top-notch services to their communities.

Digitization Services:
Transitioning from physical to digital? We’ve got you covered. Our digitization services are tailored to convert your books, manuscripts, and archives into accessible digital formats. This not only helps in preserving precious materials but also in making them accessible from anywhere, anytime.

Open Source Library Systems & Digitisation


Koha is an integrated library system (ILS) used worldwide. It provides a comprehensive solution for the management of library materials, patrons, and services.


DSpace is a digital repository software, primarily used for creating open access repositories for scholarly and/or published digital content. Universities, libraries, and research institutions use DSpace to host and share institutional research outputs


DSpace-CRIS extends the basic DSpace platform by adding functionalities tailored for Current Research Information Systems (CRIS). It provides additional features to manage and showcase detailed research information.

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